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Lakeside Giants is a small kennel setting on Lake Conroe, the 3rd largest lake in Texas, just outside of Willis TX. We are located about 50 miles northwest of Houston TX on the Texas Gulf Coast. At Lakeside our dogs are pets and family first and show animals second. They enjoy fenced exercise areas and indoor/outdoor kennel runs. We feed our dogs premium Purina and Natural Balance pet foods along with a natural diet of raw meat on occasion.

Meet Our Pack

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Owner Profiles

Terry Frazier July '09 San Antonio Fun Match
Terry retired in 2009 from a 30 year career with Dow Chemical where he worked as the Global System Architect for Dow and Dow AgroScience's global R&D operations. He graduated from Washington University with degree in Chemical Engineering and holds a Masters Degree in Information System from the University of Phoenix and remains active, consulting to corporate clients on IT and business process improvement. Terry has been around dogs of all breeds since growing up in Missouri. 


Alma Frazier
May '09 New Territory FtnsAlma works in business process improvement at Weatherford Corporation in Houston. She holds both BS and Masters degrees in Information Systems from the University of Houston and the University of Phoenix. Alma loves training and working dogs and enjoys digital photography and embroidery.



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Lakeside welcomes other giant owners and breed lovers as long as arrangements are made in advance.
Mailing Address
7082 Edgewater Dr Willis TX 77318
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